Chisomo works extensively alongside the community and village chiefs to ensure that orphaned children and those from single-parent families are provided with the support they need to succeed. To achieve this, Chisomo provides these children with school fees, school uniform, shoes, school materials and food. Below is just a snapshot of the positive impact Chisomo is having on these children’s lives.

Laiton, 10 

At the age of 8, Laiton had stopped going to school. After the death of his parents in 2013, Laiton and his two younger siblings have been living with their elderly grandmother. Laiton’s grandmother does what she can to support her grandchildren by collecting and selling firewood from Mount Mulanje, however, it is not enough. Laiton was unable to attend school because his grandmother could not afford to buy him the required school uniform and materials. That was until Chisomo stepped in two years ago, providing Laiton with the support and materials he needed to go back to school. Now, thanks to Chisomo, Laiton doesn’t have to worry about not going to school again. Laiton is doing well at school and dreams of becoming a lawyer one day.

Alinafe, 10
10 is an unlucky age for girls in Malawi – the age when the average girl drops out of school. Alinafe is particularly vulnerable to falling victim to this average because she lacks a strong family unit to support her. At the age of one, Alinafe lost her mother to malaria and was then abandoned by her father. Alinafe lives alone with her elderly grandmother, however, her grandmother struggles to provide for her. But, with help from Chisomo Alinafe can make it. Chisomo is helping Alinafe to remain at school by providing her with uniform and school supplies, whilst also encouraging her to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor one day. 

Smart, 17

Since the age of 14, Smart has lived alone. Smart’s parents died in 2003 and his older brothers have since moved away, leaving Smart to fend for himself. Smart tries to support himself by working in other peoples’ gardens. However, two years ago, Smart was chased out of school by his Headmaster after he failed to pay his school fees. Subsequently, Smart sought the help of Chisomo who have been paying for his school fees ever since and have been providing him with food and school materials. Now, Smart no longer has to fend for himself or fear being chased out of school – he has found support and a family in the form of Chisomo.