Chisomo was founded in 2017 by members of Likhubula village in Mulanje district, southern Malawi. Chisomo, meaning Grace in Chichewa, was chosen because it symbolises the charity’s hope that they will act as a blessing by providing children with a brighter future. Fred Benesi founded Chisomo in 2017 out of concern for the future of his community and Malawi as a whole. Fred started Chisomo as a way of combating the increasingly large number of children not in school in his community, and ensuring a more prosperous future for them all.    

Chisomo’s work is driven on the ground by a group of local volunteers who dedicate their time to ensuring that vulnerable children in Likhubula are provided with the support they need.

Meet our volunteers and board members.

Fred Benesi – Director
Ann Table – Vice Chair
Fraction Hamilton – Treasurer