Only 11.3% of children in Mulanji complete primary school.

Mission statement

Chisomo is fighting to give vulnerable children in Likhubula access to the education they deserve. Our focus is on providing orphaned children and those from single-parent households, who lack a family support network, with the educational tools and nutrition they need to flourish at school. By providing these children with education and nourishment, Chisomo is helping them to build a brighter and more prosperous future for themselves and Malawi.


Chisomo envisions a world in which every child is educated, nourished and given the opportunity to build a prosperous future for themselves. Chisomo believes that an educated population will help turn the tide of poverty not only in their community but across Malawi. 

Our Approach

The Chisomo Board of Directors, identified that education in Mulanji requires a more rounded approach than just providing school fees as so many factors can impact on the children’s ability to learn. As such CCBO aims to focus on the ‘whole’ child by contributing not just school fees but also school uniform, exercise books and food.

Chisomo believes that education is the most powerful tool for combating poverty and can have a transformative and lasting impact on their community.

Chisomo is community founded, led and driven. Whilst small by working directly with the local community and with the support of the Chief, Chisomo is able to ensure that support can be given to those who need it most, amplifying our impact. We encourage our members to do something, no matter how small, rather than nothing.